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Property Listings

Location : Tantra Hill ( To Let )

Rooms: 5 Bedrooms

Price: 1800 GH Cedis per month









Location : Brekusu

Rooms: 2 Bedrooms Self contain

Price: $75,000










Location : Brekusu

Rooms: 3 Bedrooms Self contain

Price: $80,000










Location : Pokuase close to ACP Estates

Rooms: 3 Bedrooms

Price: $105,000


We also sell high quality  two different profiles of Roofing Sheets. IBR and  STRIPLOCK.

IBR AND STRIPLOCK come in various colours with elegance and nobility to brand your building with excellent style,the products are perfect and  founded by advance techniques. The brightness and glamorous nature gives it another unique taste.

The products come along with well designed Ridge Caps,Rain Gutters, Valleys, etc. to enhance your building to perfection.

Special nails are used for the installation to make the roof stronger and more beautiful.

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